Publications in Vol-4-No-1-(June-2022) Current Issue

Title: Optimized Biodiesel Synthesis From Binary Mixture Of Honne And Yellow Oleander Seed Oils For Sustained Availability Of Alternative Fuel
Author(s): Soji-Adekunle, A. R., Betiku, E., Adeboye, B. S., Falowo, O. A., Oyewusi, T. F. And Oyerinde, A. Y.
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Title: Performance Evaluation Of A Bio-Digester In Anaerobic Production Of Biogas From Kitchen Wastes
Author(s): Folarin, D. A., Azeez, N. A., Hassan, K. A., Ogunlade, C. A. And Adeleke, K. M.
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Title: Evolution Of Industrial Particulate Cyclone Design - A Review
Author(s): Okedere, O. B., Rabiu, K. O., Oyewole, K. A. And Adeboye, B. S.
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