Publications in Vol-2-No-1-(June-2020)

Title: Compressive Strength Of Concrete Using Sorghum Husk Ash And Calcium Chloride
Author(s): Tijani, M. A., Ajagbe, W. O., Ayininuola, G. M., Dahunsi, B. I. O. And Agbede, O. A.
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Title: Evaluation Of Operational Characteristics At Oja-Oba Intersection, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria
Author(s): Mohammed, H., Ajayi, D., Olawuyi, O. A. And Oriaje, A. T.
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Title: Characterization And Grading Of Two Selected Less Known Timber Species For Structural Applications In Nigeria
Author(s): Lamidi, N. A., Muili, M. A., Akinyemi, O. O. And Ajao, O. Q.
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Title: Assessment Of Groundwater Quality In Osun State University Campuses
Author(s): Fadipe, O. O., Thanni, M. O., Adeyemo, K. A., Akindele, O. O. And Tijani, B. K.
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Title: Study Of The Effectiveness Of Moringa Oleifera Seeds As Coagulant For Surface Water Treatment: A Case Study Of Opa Dam
Author(s): Jeje, J. O., Balogun, E. A. And Adetoyese, S.
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